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Resources & Useful Information

On these pages you will find useful information and resources on a range of topics including issues arising from the Coronavirus pandemic, getting going on social media, avoiding scams, spiritual life and Church policies and information.

Using the internet and social media

Expanding your horizons on the internet: The health crisis has seen many using the internet far more than previously or even getting online for the first time. On the Online Life page there is help for getting started on Facebook and tips for staying safe when online.

Avoiding scams

Scammers and fraudsters present themselves in many ways and use crises to take advantage of the vulnerable and unwary. Some guidance and resources can be found on the Avoiding Scams page.

Spiritual Life

A miscellany of articles, reflections and discussions to provide comfort and food for thought from within the Birmingham West & Oldbury Circuit, The Methodist Church UK and beyond can be accessed via the Spiritual Life page.

Church Information & Guidance

Information, general guidance and the various policies that are in place at Quinton Methodist Church can be found on the Our Church page.