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Pastoral Letter for July 2021

“Many Christians grow up in Church, but never grow in Christ,
they know hymns, but they don’t know Him!”
– Anonymous

Dear Friends in Christ,

It could be my last chance to interact with you in this way as it last word of my pastoral letter before I move to my next appointment in London District.

‘The last word’

You might remember the last word of your dear ones. There might be many who missed to have that conversation and felt unfortunate to listen to what have they said as their last word. Although, you might remember last word of Jesus (“It is finished”), and at ascension of Jesus – Jesus tells the disciples ‘to remain in Jerusalem and await the coming of the Holy Spirit’. All has been done after fighting at this earthly journey and passing the responsibilities to the next one or descendants. Handing over is very much done in the life of Jesus to his disciples, and in the life of Paul to his disciples and the churches and to many missionaries. Everyone plays their part whether good or bad and then passes it on to the next.

We ponder upon the things after people left, what did they do and what we hold as legacy. I must confess that I haven’t done much in my last two years of times, in which we faced over fifteen months of lockdown during this pandemic. But whatever times I had been with this ministry, counted as a great blessing because we learnt to live together and cope against the storms (Covid-19) of life and moved on to the new culture which termed as hybrid Church, virtual Church/meeting, social distancing, no singing, hugging, and shaking hands etc. All of it brought the Church of a new dimension where many people are still observing strangely what’s the Church of today?

We are the Church which is wider than the understanding of social clubs and fellowship we may easily miss the presence of God if we are not alerted to come out of our convenience and comforts. We do a lot of things in the name of Christ/God/mission of the church, to cover the requirements expected under the norms of our Church. But have we ever noticed when it comes to Prayer and Bible Study, very less people show their interest? Most of us are shy in professing faith and reluctant to exercise the faith in action. We should acknowledge that human is full of errors, no matter how perfect we would like to be but still commit mistakes; So, why shy about it? How come anyone come to worship and hesitant to do the prayers or bible reading; instead, it should be a joy and matter to feel to be honoured that it was asked, and you been blessed to do so. Scripture warns us, “For whoever is ashamed of me and of my words, of him will the Son of Man be ashamed when he comes in his glory and the glory of the Father and of the holy angels” (Luke 9 : 26).

Are we opened to listen His word and fulfil His wish and stand firm in his expectations with full courage and boldness to stand up for Jesus whether we live or die? Our faith may continue to be upon Jesus. Most probably, we are tuned up to listen to the good of God not the strong side and expectations of God from us. ‘God loves us first before we loved Him’; it sounds good but aren’t we aware that God punishes us as well for our wrong doings and sins. Remember, He is a jealous God as well, and we can’t dare to test his patience and be victim of his anger. So, come with reverence and fear to seek His grace and mercy, come together, and offer the best we can. Do not be afraid of to offer your gifts and talents and be unfortunate to receive His blessings. Freely it’s given to us, so we serve freely.

Could a ‘Church without God be a Church?’; we who believe in Him are the Church as we share in the body of Christ. In all ages the meaning of Church is always been togetherness, be prepared for hard work, sacrifice, service, witness, prayer, worship, and commitment; these are not just the word, but it needs to come in our practices. Those legacy we hold till today and hopefully we would be able to pass it on to the next generations. we are here to do the will of God which we get through our obedience towards His word, by professing our faith in actions. Together as a Church we are given times to ‘know him’ and ‘grow in Christ’. May God’s blessing be always upon us and we may continue to grow in Him.

With much love and every blessing.

Rev Ajay Singh

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