PAWS stands for 'Parallel Alternative Worship'. This is QMCs alternative worship service. It sprang from a recognition that there was a real need to explore new ways of worship away from the confines of the normal morning service. 

The uniting theme is involvement. Involvement of all people present, of all ages, in the worship. 

There is also a PAWS for Prayer meeting in the Parlour on the second Tuesday of every month from 7.45 to 8.30 pm.

A great aid in achieving this is the group that plans and prepares the PAWS sessions. This is a varied group which spans from teenage to, well, let us say over retirement age, and from local preachers to those who simply wish to become involved and contribute. New skills have been discovered, and existing skills used in new ways and offered in worship - computer and graphic design skills for example. 

PAWS is becoming an important part of our community and our worship. It draws together new experiences for all ages. It enables those who find the traditional services unhelpful but wish to discover or explore the eternal questions to do so. It refreshes many who are also regular attenders of traditional services. If you wish to join us please do so. The diary lists the relevant dates. We look forward to seeing you then.