1781 First visit of John Wesley to Quinton, at invitation of local land-owner, Ambrose Foley.
1785 Foley builds first preaching house (chapel) adjacent to Turnpike Road.
1786 Wesley preaches in new chapel; Foley opens first Sunday School in Quinton.
1820 William Stringer, local preacher from Darlaston, missions Quinton for Primitive Methodists, who begin meeting in a barn at Tinker's Farm.
1827 Quinton Primitive Methodists, now meeting in a barn at Monckton Farm, become part of Darlaston Circuit.
1828 Quinton Primitive Methodists transferred to Birmingham (East) Circuit.
1831 First Primitive Methodist Sunday School opened in Quinton.
1838 Quinton Wesleyan Methodists first mentioned as part of Birmingham (West) Circuit.
1840 First Primitive Methodist chapel ("Bethesda") built in Quinton.
1845 Hugh Bourne and William Clowes (founders of Primitive Methodism) visit Quinton.
1851 Ecclesiastical Census (30 March) 103 adults and 80 Sunday School scholars at Wesleyan Chapel; 214 adults and 222 Sunday School scholars at Primitive Chapel.
1864 Quinton Wesleyan Methodists become part of Cherry Street Circuit.
1867 Quinton Primitive Methodists become part of Old Hill Circuit.
1872 Quinton Wesleyan Methodists become part of Islington Circuit.
1878 Second Wesleyan Chapel ("Hagley Road") opened adjacent to Quinton Toll House, replacing Foley's Preaching House.
1882 Bourne College, one of Primitive Methodism's two boarding schools, opened in Quinton; Governor, Rev George Middleton, becomes first minister resident in Quinton.
1888 Second Primitive Methodist Chapel ("College Road") opened to replace 1840 building; Quinton Primitive Methodists become part of Blackheath and Quinton Circuit.
1891 Schoolroom added to Wesleyan Chapel.
1901 Quinton and Bourne College Primitive Methodist Circuit formed; Rev Edward Lucktar becomes first circuit minister and lives in a manse at The Hawthorns.
1904 Local industrialist Edwin Danks builds a new manse for Quinton Primitive Methodists on land rented from Bourne College.
1928 Closure of Bourne College.
1935 Merger of Wesleyan and Primitive societies in Quinton in College Road Chapel, as part of the Birmingham (Quinton) Circuit.
1958 Church Hall added to College Road premises.
1963 Quinton and Islington circuits merge as Birmingham (Islington-Quinton) Circuit.
1968 Quinton Methodist Church opened following compulsory purchase of College Road premises for building of M5 motorway.
1980 Islington-Quinton and Smethwick Circuits merge as Birmingham (West) Circuit.
1981 Birmingham (West) and Oldbury Circuits merge as Birmingham (West) and Oldbury Circuit.
1995 Edward Danks's manse sold and replaced by house in Spies Lane.