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Online worship during the pandemic

As a reaction to the CV-19 pandemic in March 2020 forcing the closure of churches online worship services have been established by a variety of Methodist Churches and organisations to fill the void.

Some live-streamed services operate only during periods of lock-down whilst others have continued throughout the year providing a valuable facility for those unable to attend worship under the current constraints. Most services are available to view afterwards.

Announcements are made on the News page and live-streamed services are listed on the Calendar page along with links to accompanying service sheets.

Information about providers of online services are detailed below.

Local online services

Quinton Methodist Church

Live-streaming of selected services from Church commenced during the November 2020 lock-down. Services are provided when practicalities permit with dates and times detailed on the Calendar page

Birmingham District

Birmingham District provides live-streamed services during times of lock-down and at other times when churches in the District, although permitted to open, may remain closed due to compliance and operational difficulties.

Services can be viewed via the Birmingham District Facebook Page (it is not necessary to have a Facebook account to view the service) and also via the Birmingham District YouTube channel where previous services are also avilable to view.

Listings and times of upcoming services can be found on the Calendar page.

Other online services

Wesley’s Chapel, London

In addition to Sunday morning services, Wesley’s Chapel live-streams a variety of services during the week including lunchtime and evening services and live prayers.

At those times when church premises are closed not only to the congregation but also celebrants it is possible for Wesley’s Chapel to live-stream from the church building as the minister lives on the premises.

Live-streamed and previous services are available on the Wesley’s Chapel & Leysian Mission YouTube channel.

More information about the chapel which was founded in 1778 by John Wesley can be found on the Wesley’s Chapel & Museum website.

Methodist Central Hall, Westminster

Services are streamed live every Sunday morning via the mchw.live channel and are also available via the Methodist Central Hall YouTube channel.

Swan Bank Methodist Church, Burslem

Generally of a more contemporary nature, Swan Bank live-streams Sunday morning and evening services plus some at other times of the day and week via their Swan Bank YouTube channel and also the Swan Bank Facebook page.

More information about the church can be found on the Swan Bank website.

Listings and times of selected upcoming services can be found on the Calendar page.

Worship from churches and circuits in Birmingham District

A number of churches and circuits within Birmingham District are streaming live services, in rotation or on a weekly basis.

Bromsgrove & Redditch Circuit

Weekly services, morning prayers and other short presentations are broadcast on the Bromsgrove & Redditch Circuit YouTube channel.

Sutton Park Circuit

Services from Witton, Erdington, Stockland Green, Four Oaks and other churches in the circuit on a rotating basis. Details can be found on the Sutton Park Circuit website.

Solihull Methodist Church

A weekly schedule of services can be found on the Solihull Methodist Church website.

South Warwickshire Circuit

Weekly services are broadcast on the South Warwickshire Circuit YouTube channel.

Worship at Home Sheet

Each week the Methodist Church produces a Worship at Home Sheet in the form of PDF documents in standard and large print for those unable to attend church. Each sheet features links to short performances on YouTube.

A link to the sheet for the upcoming Sunday can be found on the Calendar page.

Links to recent Worship at Home Sheets are below:

Download the 17 January standard sheet

Download the 17 January large print sheet

Download the 10 January standard sheet

Download the 10 January large print sheet

Download the 3 January standard sheet

Download the 3 January large print sheet

Download the 27 December standard sheet

Download the 27 December large print sheet