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Thanksgiving and Praise Service

A special service to be held on 17 October

One of the more difficult aspects of the health crisis has been the restrictions placed on funerals with limits imposed on the numbers attending. It has also been a troublesome time for those who have been ill – perhaps finding themselves alone and unable to have visitors – and for those who have struggled with other difficulties as a result of the crisis.

On Sunday 17 October John Cowan is leading a Thanksgiving and Praise Service to provide an opportunity for family and friends, many of whom were unable to pay their respects at the time, to remember and give thanks and praise for those who have died, and also to remember those who have suffered in other ways during the pandemic.

Group activities and coffee mornings return

Group activities restart in earnest in September with ‘Welcome Back’ meetings of Thursday Forum at 10.30am on 2nd and Quinton Ladies at 7.30pm on Tuesday 7th, and the recommencement of Coffee mornings and Place of Welcome fellowship on Tuseday 7th at 10.30am. The Brigades also recommence with the new school term.

Details of the various activities and groups can be found on the Activities pages

As a difficult health situation persists all activities are proceeding with caution by employing enhanced hygiene procedures, encouraging the wearing of face coverings, operating Track & Trace and requesting everyone be respectful of the concerns of others regarding social distancing.

Food banks: help still required

Although day to day life has seen much improvement, please remember that many face continuing difficulties as a result of the pandemic and that our local food banks are finding their services are in great demand.

Two food banks serve our catchment area: Quinton & Oldbury Food Bank and Black Country Food Bank. Details of items they accept, and current shortages, can be found on their websites.

It is now possible to receive items at Church. Please ask a steward for directions so that donations can be processed appropriately given the current restrictions that apply when attending worship.

Some supermarkets have donation points and it may be possible to physically donate items directly: please check first with the food bank regarding arrangements. Both food banks also have a means of receiving monetary donations via their websites.

Easing of CV-19 restrictions

Following Government announcements regarding the relaxation of restrictions from 19 July a new set of Guidelines for attending Church has been issued. This short PDF document provides information about the new procedures and what to expect when attending worship. Additional information can be found on the Attending Worship page.

Farewell Ajay

Sunday 18 July saw Rev Ajay Singh’s last Morning Worship with us as he now departs for his new stationing in London. That same day Quinton Methodist Church was also privileged to host an afternoon Farewell Service for Ajay on behalf of Birmingham (West) & Oldbury Circuit. You can read our message of farewell on the Our Minister page.

Photograph of Reverend Ajay Singh with leaving gift and  flowers.

Peace Rose for Hal

On Sunday 11 July more than thirty members of the congregation joined with Rita for a commemoration ceremony for Hal. Led by Brian, the ceremony culminated with the planting of a Peace Rose in memory of Hal.

During the Family Creative/Action for Children Service led by Tiras and the Brigades that followed, thank you message leaves were designed and then placed on the camellia bush that commemorates Mrs Barton.

Photograph of Quinton Methodist Church Peace Garden

Be aware of scams

Scammers employ many means to ensnare their victims including email, text message and telephone, and are able to build authentic looking yet bogus websites; thus it is important to remain vigilant.

As the number of scams continues to grow, plenty of useful information about protecting yourself can be found on the Citizens Advice Scams pages. Useful information and links can also be found on our Avoiding Scams page.

Some current scams

In addition to the Covid vaccination scams, some scams currently doing the rounds include National Insurance and missed delivery scams.

There is more information about the missed delivery scam on the Royal Mail website.

The National Insurance scam could result in identity theft. More information here.

Dudley Metropolitan Borough have compiled a list of popular scams along with links to useful information on their Scams web page.

Pandemic and vaccine scams

Updated information

Be aware that criminals are continuing to operate a number of pandemic scams. Typically these concern receiving the CV-19 vaccine and pleas for money for some urgent situation. Also, the usual scams where criminals pretend to represent banks, businesses, services, official or government organisations, etc., or require assistance in the transfer of money, or claim that a computer or some other device has been compromised in some way are continuing, and that these activities are broadening as criminals become increasingly ingenious in their methods.

Please be alert and keep in mind that criminals are able cover up the true origin of their messages with false telephone numbers and are able to make emails appear to originate from a friend, reputable person or organisation in a convincing manner.

Birmingham District and Quinton Methodist Church have become aware of the vaccine scam and have issued this important advice notice. The coronavirus vaccine, which is being rolled out across the country by the NHS, is completely free of charge. No one will be asked to pay for the vaccine or share their bank details. Information about the vaccine and its distribution can be found on the Black Country & West Birmingham NHS COVID-19 Vaccination Service site.

More information and useful links regarding scams in general can be found on the Avoiding Scams page.

Online offertory

As restrictions remain and it is difficult for some to attend Church, it is possible to contribute to QMC using the online offertory. The portal is operated by Give A Little who provide the contactless payment system used in Church.

Raise funds for QMC as you shop

Quinton Methodist Church has teamed up with Give as you Live Online who provide a free and easy way to raise funds for charities simply by shopping online.

It costs nothing to join and there are over 4,000 stores taking part in the scheme, including well-known names such as M&S, Boots, Argos, B&Q and Sky. After signing up it’s just a matter of visiting the Give as you Live page and selecting the store where you wish to shop. You are then sent to the store’s website where you shop in the normal way. In this way any purchases you make will automatically generate funds for the Church.

To join the scheme visit the dedicated Give as you Live QMC page.

You will find more information about how the scheme works on the Offertory page and also on the Give as you Live website.

QMC on Instagram

In addition to our Facebook and Twitter feeds Quinton Methodist Church now has an account with photo and video sharing social networking service Instagram. The Instagram app allows users to upload media which can be shared publicly or with pre-approved followers and can be accessed via the QMC Instagram page.

Help with life during the pandemic

Information about pastoral care arrangements, taking care of yourself and those around you and for those self-isolating can be accessed via the Help during the Pandemic page.

The coronavirus crisis has seen a large shift to online life from shopping to maintaining social contact with friends. Information for getting started on Facebook plus general advice and resources for spotting and avoiding bogus emails and scams and staying safe online can be found on Help with Online Life page.

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