A Short Service from City Road

Fellow Circuit members City Road Methodist Church have assembled their twentieth online service. Local preacher David Hallam reminds us in this service for Sunday 9 August that sometimes we take a step of faith and may get our feet wet, but we still take those steps.

District Online Service available

The most recent Sunday online worship service is now available to view via the Birmingham District Facebook page (you do not need to have a Facebook account to view the service) and also on the District’s YouTube channel.

To find the latest service on the YouTube page check the streamed date below the preview pane.

An accompanying Worship Service Sheet is available as an aid to following the service.

Recent District services are also available to view. Links and accompanying service sheets can be found on the Worship page.

Other online services

Other streamed services are also provided by Wesley’s Chapel, London; Swan Bank Methodist Church, Burslem, and Methodist Central Hall, Westminster. Further details and links can be found on the Calendar page.

Worship at Home Resources

Worship at Home Sheet for 9 August

The Methodist Church have produced a short act of worship to enable you to worship at home. There are live links in the PDF document to short performances on YouTube. There is also a large print version of the service.

Face to Face on Thursday:
Do black lives matter to white people?

In this sequel to the recent Face to Face on Thursday discussion ‘Black lives matter in a British context’ the roles are reversed as Bishop Joe Aldred asks David Hallam: “Do Black lives matter to white people?” in this Face to Face discussion David Hallam, a local preacher based at City Road Methodist Church, speaks in a personal capacity.

Food banks: how you can help

In these difficult times our local food banks are finding that their services are in more demand than ever. At the same time our Church is closed, and with it our usual method of making donations of groceries and toiletries via the vestibule box.

Being on the borders of Halesowen, Oldbury and Birmingham there are two food banks serving our catchment area: Oldbury & Quinton Food Bank and Black Country Food Bank. Although it is possible to physically donate items to the food banks they also have a means of receiving monetary donations via their websites.

Find out more about how you can help Quinton & Oldbury Food Bank.

Find out more about how you can help Black Country Food Bank.

Please note: If you are planning to make a donation of food items please check with the food bank regarding opening times and and their arrangements for physical distancing when receiving donated items.

Enhanced Pastoral Care Arrangements

As the current health emergency limits social contact all pastoral visits have been replaced by regular telephone contact. Calls are made at least once a week to the isolated, vulnerable and less self-sufficient, and fortnightly to others. Fellowship groups have also been initiated to enable members of our congregation to feel less isolated.

Practical support for isolated and vulnerable members of our congregation, ranging from regular phone contact to fetching shopping and walking dogs, etc., is being provided by Girls’ Brigade and Boys’ Brigade members based at Quinton Methodist Church.

Boys’ Brigade is providing this service across the entire QMC catchment area whilst Girls’ Brigade is able to cover those who live in the B62 and B63 postcodes.

These services conform with prevailing Government guidelines which, as the emergency evolves, may be subject to change.

To access Pastoral Services please contact the Pastoral Care Coordinator – manual input: pastoral@quintonmethodist.co.uk

Help for those self‑isolating

If you, or someone you know, needs a hand with collecting shopping or prescriptions, or just wants someone to talk to, NHS Volunteer Responders are able to help.

Help is available for those who have a medical condition which makes them vulnerable to COVID‑19, especially if aged over 70. Those who are pregnant or have a disability also qualify.

More information can be found on this leaflet, or by visiting the NHS Volunteer Responders website.

Beware of Scams

In these difficult times criminals are taking advantage of people’s heightened anxieties and vulnerabilities to expand their activities. The many and various means they use to defraud and exploit their victims include bogus websites, emails and text messages, the telephone and calling at the door.

Fraudsters present themselves in many ways. Posing as Government or other officials, offering services or medical supplies or pretending to be collecting for charities are just a few of their methods, while modern technology provides a means for them to present in a very convincing and plausible manner.

Scam Awareness Fortnight is an annual initiative organised by Citizens Advice. You can find more information on the Citizens Advice check if something might be a scam page.

There is useful general advice on Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council’s scam awareness fortnight page along with a means of reporting suspected scams for those who live within the borough.

Bogus emails: spot the fraudsters

Email is a frequent method used by online fraudsters to trick innocent people out of their money or their identity – or both – and the coronavirus pandemic has prompted criminals to increase their online activities.

Download this handy guide for using email safely and securely by Get Safe Online to help you spot online fraudsters’ tactics and keep alert to these threats.

More information about avoiding online scams and fraud can be found on the Get Safe Online website.

A beginner’s guide to Facebook

With traditional face to face contact currently severely curtailed, internet-based social media has come into its own for maintaining social contact with others outside of the home.

If you would like to connect with friends and family via Facebook, but are not confident about setting up an account or using it, then this short Methodist Church How to get started on Facebook guide will help get you up and running.

Useful notes on common concerns including privacy settings and a comprehensive glossary of terms are included in the guide.

Statement following Government Announcement of 23 June 2020

On Tuesday 23 June the Prime Minister announced changes to the Social Distancing guidelines, and that Churches can reopen for Services.

Quinton Methodist Church will not be making any local decisions about this until we receive guidance from the Methodist Church, the Circuit, and our own Minister and Leadership Team.

As soon as there is more information, we will let you know. In the meantime we are continuing with our plans to make the Church safe.

Coronavirus Guidance

The Methodist Church UK has issued guidance regarding COVID-19 in order to reduce risks and recommend practical precautions to prevent the spread of infection.

This important information can be accessed on the Coronavirus page on the Methodist Church UK website.

As the advice from the UK Government changes the guidelines will be updated. Please check regularly for the latest information.

‘Nothing will ever be the same’

This Guardian newspaper article of Monday 15 June discusses the reactions of various faith groups, including those attending City Road Methodist Church, adapted to lock-down.

Methodist Podcast interview with Rev Ajay Singh

The Methodist Podcast is a series of weekly podcasts considering the life of the Methodist Church in Britain.

Episode 17 of 14 May features a short interview with our minister Rev Ajay Singh about pastoral support. The podcast also features items about poverty and the surge in use of foodbanks, creative arts and mental health.

You will also find previous podcasts on this page.

Face to Face on Thursday from City Road

A series of short online discussions with participants near and far produced by fellow Circuit member City Road Methodist Church.

Face to Face on Thursday:
Working with the homeless

Paul Atkin leads the Reachout project for rough sleepers based at City Road Methodist Church. Paul tells David Hallam how he became involved in this work and how people are helped off the streets in this Face to Face on Thursday discussion.

Black lives matter in a British context

Bishop Joe Aldred of Churches Together in England, one of Britain’s best known black church leaders, discusses black lives matter in a British context and the history of black church groups in the UK in this Face to Face on Thursday discussion.

Staying spiritually fresh

How do we stay spiritually fresh during the present crisis? Yan Hadley, evangelist and writer, discusses making ourselves open to the Holy Spirit in this Face to Face on Thursday discussion.

Rev Ajay Singh: His vision for his ministry

Rev Ajay Singh talks to David Hallam about his Christian journey and his vision for his ministry in Birmingham in this Face to Face on Thursday discussion.

The Bible and a meat free diet

Drs Miriam and Philip Sampson, speakers and writers for the organisation Christian Vegetarians & Vegans UK, believe that the Bible urges Christians and others to have a meat free diet. They explain why to David Hallam in the latest Face to Face on Thursday discussion.

Where is God in the Covid‑19 crisis?

Rev Richard Teal, President of the Methodist Conference 2020‑21, discusses where God is in the Covid‑19 crisis, the development of online worship and the issues faced in rural ministry with David Hallam in this Face to Face on Thursday discussion.

Believing in everyday miracles

A published author before she was 24, Stephanie Nixon discusses some everyday miracles with David Hallam in this Face to Face on Thursday discussion.

Worship & the trans community

Helen Belcher discusses with David Hallam some of the issues trans people face at church in this Face to Face on Thursday discussion.

Maintaining a healthy diet during lock-down

Being confined to home, especially when shielding, brings challenges when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. Dr David Cavan, a consultant physician and a former Director of Policy at the International Diabetes Federation, considers some of the issues in this Face to Face on Thursday discussion.

Professor Frances Young discusses the CV-19 crisis

Professor Frances Young discusses with David Hallam the challenge that the CV-19 pandemic poses to all, including people of faith in this Face to Face on Thursday discussion.

Bereavement & mourning under lock‑down

Rev Ajay Singh discusses the difficulties mourning families and friends face under lock-down with David Hallam in this Face to Face on Thursday discussion.

Rough Sleepers in Birmingham

Paul Atkin of the Reachout project discusses the situation of Birmingham’s rough sleepers under lock-down in this Face to Face on Thursday discussion.

Suspension of all activities

It is with deep sadness that, following recent Government statements and in accordance with Methodist Church national guidelines issued on 17 March 2020, a decision has been made to suspend all Quinton Methodist Church worship and social activities until further notice. The suspension includes all Church-based activities and also applies to organisations and those who hire facilities within our Church premises.

Following the Government announcement of 23 March 2020, and in addition to the suspension of regular Sunday Services already announced, baptisms and weddings are not permitted until further notice. Whilst funerals may take place the Church advise that the number of people attending should be limited as per the Government's advice. If you have any questions regarding funerals, or baptisms or weddings that now must be postponed, please contact the Minister Rev Ajay Singh - manual input: ajay.singh@methodist.org.uk

Quarterly Magazine

If you would like to receive our quarterly magazine in PDF form via email – perhaps you were once a member of Quinton Methodist Church and have moved away or would simply like to help us to cut down our paper usage – please contact the Magazine Subscription Coordinator – manual input: tony.burridge@quintonmethodist.co.uk – to apply to be added to our mailing list.