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Life Events

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Please note that as the pandemic continues services provided by the Church are subject to prevailing legislation and Government guidelines.

Quinton Methodist Church is there for those major events in life be it the joy of marriage or a new arrival, celebrating a particular event in life or commemorating the life of a departed loved one.


Many parents like to give thanks to God for the birth of their child within an act of Worship. Quinton Methodist Church gives a choice of thanksgiving/dedication service or infant baptism. These are normally included in our 11am Service, particularly the Family Service.

Some people opt for baptism as an adult as confirmation of faith and this can also be arranged.


Quinton Methodist Church is licensed for the conduct of marriage.

The wording of the ceremony will reflect the wishes and ideas of the couple in consultation with the Minister. We have a fairly open policy for those who wish to seal their relationship with a covenant of marriage including those who have previously been married.

The Minister normally meets with the couple in preparation for the ceremony for marriage once or more.


The Church endeavours to treat all bereaved people with sensitivity and compassion whether the deceased was known to the Church and Minister or not.

We try hard to create a ceremony that reflects the life of the person who has died in a way that allows those gathered to mourn and celebrate. Services may be conducted in Church before or after committal and the Minister is willing to conduct the whole service at a crematorium or cemetery.


A Service of Thanksgiving can be arranged for any reason. It will allow those in the community to give thanks to God. Examples are for a healing, job, anniversary, new birth, achievement, and there may be other reasons. We can offer a prayer of thanksgiving.


Talking to Someone. The Minister is very happy to talk to anyone who is suffering or in difficulties. This may include loneliness, anxiety, job loss; those needing prayers for any reason, those who are seeking comfort, or those seeking faith or to join the Church.

To discuss any of the above please contact the Minister, Rev. Ilidio de Oliveira, direct on 0121 421 5853 or click on the email link. CONTACT