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Face to Face on Thursday

Produced by City Road Methodist Church, Birmingham

A series of short online discussions with participants near and far produced during the CV‑19 crisis by fellow Circuit member City Road Methodist Church and introduced by local preacher David Hallam.

The views expressed in these discussions are personal to the participants and do not necessarily reflect the official views or policies of Quinton Methodist Church.

Do black lives matter to white people?

In this sequel to an earlier Face to Face on Thursday discussion ‘Black lives matter in a British context’ the roles are reversed as Bishop Joe Aldred asks David Hallam: “Do Black lives matter to white people?” David Hallam, a local preacher based at City Road Methodist Church, speaks in a personal capacity.

Working with the homeless

Paul Atkin leads the Reachout project for rough sleepers based at City Road Methodist Church and describes how he became involved in this work and how people are helped off the streets.

Black lives matter in a British context

Bishop Joe Aldred of Churches Together in England, one of Britain’s best known black church leaders, discusses black lives matter in a British context and the history of black church groups in the UK.

Staying spiritually fresh

How do we stay spiritually fresh during the present crisis? Yan Hadley, evangelist and writer, discusses making ourselves open to the Holy Spirit.

Rev Ajay Singh: His vision for his ministry

Rev Ajay Singh talks to David Hallam about his Christian journey and his vision for his ministry in Birmingham.

The Bible and a meat free diet

Drs Miriam and Philip Sampson, speakers and writers for the organisation Christian Vegetarians & Vegans UK, explain their belief that the Bible urges Christians and others to have a meat free diet.

Where is God in the Covid‑19 crisis?

Rev Richard Teal, President of the Methodist Conference 2020‑21, discusses in this Face to Face Conference special edition where God is in the Covid‑19 crisis, the development of online worship and the issues faced in rural ministry.

Believing in everyday miracles

A published author before she was twenty-four, Stephanie Nixon discusses some everyday miracles with David Hallam.

Worship & the trans community

Helen Belcher discusses with David Hallam some of the issues trans people face at church.

Maintaining a healthy diet during lock‑down

Being confined to home, especially when shielding, brings challenges when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. Dr David Cavan, a consultant physician and a former Director of Policy at the International Diabetes Federation, considers some of the issues.

Professor Frances Young discusses the CV-19 crisis

Professor Frances Young discusses with David Hallam the challenge that the CV-19 pandemic poses to all, including people of faith.

Bereavement & mourning under lock‑down

Rev Ajay Singh discusses the difficulties mourning families and friends face under lock‑down.

Rough Sleepers in Birmingham

Paul Atkin of the Reachout project discusses the situation of Birmingham’s rough sleepers under lock‑down.