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Our Church

For over 230 years Methodism has been bringing the the Word of God and the Love of Jesus Christ to Quinton and its surrounding area. Quinton Methodist Church welcomes all who wish to share in the Good News.

Our current Church building, dating from 1968, was erected when the previous building was demolished to make way for the M5 motorway. Modern and spacious with extensive facilities, it is the fifth Methodist chapel to serve Quinton.

How to find us

Quinton Methodist Church is located just off the A458 Hagley Road West opposite the Reel Cinema. Please see our location information for more details along with a local map and information about nearby bus routes.

The Church postcode is B62 9AU.

A brief history of Methodism in Quinton

John Wesley first preached in Quinton in 1781 on land a matter of yards from where our current Church building stands. Dr Michael Hall has written a brief history of our Church and Methodism in Quinton.

Privacy, Safeguarding & Environmental Policies

Quinton Methodist Church has a set of policies in place to protect the privacy of individuals, safeguard and protect the young and the vulnerable and to care for the environment. These can be viewed on the Policies page.

Church Council

Quinton Methodist Church Council comprises the managing trustees of the Charity which is the Church and meets twice each year. Further information on the work of the Church Council can be found here.

Quarterly Magazine

If you would like to receive our quarterly magazine in PDF form via email – perhaps you were once a member of Quinton Methodist Church and have moved away or would simply like to help us to cut down our paper usage – please contact the Magazine Subscription Coordinator – manual input: tony.burridge@quintonmethodist.co.uk – to apply to be added to our mailing list.

Contact us

You can make contact with the Church, the organisations based here, or about life events and other aspects of Church life, via the Enquiries section of the Contacts page.